projectGLOP International Workshop 2020

We held the first International workshop in November/December 2020. This was an online virtual workshop and was a really interesting three days. You can watch it all online via the INAIGEM Facebook page – in both English and Spanish. The programmes for each day are featured below.

May be an image of outdoors and text that says "WORKSHOP INTERNACIONAL 2020 SAVE THE DATE 30 de noviembre 1y diciembre 2020 Proyecto GLOP Lagunas origen glaciar enel Perú INAIGEM UNIVERSIT XETER Universityof University HUDDERSFIELD inspiringglobul.professionals BRISTOL REYNOLDS INTERNATIONAL Newton-Paulet Fund The Academy Sciences CONCYTEC FONDE :CYT NERC NVIRONMENT elaVida INSTITUT BIENCOMUN COMUN"

Day 1 (English) (Spanish)

No photo description available.

Day 2 (English) (Spanish)


Day 3 (English) (Spanish)


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