WP2: Glacier lake & GLOF inventory

17th February 2021

It is over a year since we updated on WP2. I’m pleased to report that we have completed a lake inventory for the whole of Peru. We currently have this work in review at Global and Planetary Change and will hopefully be able to post an update soon under Publications and Presentations.

projectGLOP mapped lakes (n = 4,965).

We are also working on out GLOF inventory for Peru and are making good progress on this. We are also going to be presenting on this at the vEGU (more details on the Publications and Presentations page).

15th May 2019

We will compile an inventory for the whole of Peru of glacial lakes and past and potential future GLOF sites. We will use (a) remote-sensing, (b) geomorphological mapping and (c) fieldwork to identify sites of past GLOFs around the major glaciers of Peru.

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